All the members of The Society who are not otherwise disqualified under the rules, will collectively constitute the General Body of the Society:

Type of Meetings:
Annual General Meeting :-
(AGM) of The Society will be held in month of December every year in the College premises. The Governing Body may issue a notice of this meeting to ensure a larger participation especially when any matter is planned to be taken up under any other item. Such notice may be issued by any generally accepted communication mode such as fax, email, courier, post, sms, advertisement in national daily news paper, etc. The following business will be transacted at the AGM:
Ordinary Business
  • Presentation of President’s Annual Report
  • Approval of the Annual Audited Accounts to be submitted by the Treasurer
  • Election of office bearers (except Treasurer) and members of the governing Body (after every two years).
Special Business
  • Any other matter deemed fit by the Governing Body
Special General Meeting :-
May be convened by Governing Body to transact business of urgent nature. A notice of not less than 15 days shall be given duly specifying the agenda of the proposed meeting in a manner as is provided for a notice of AGM
Requisitioned Meeting:-
One tenth of the members or 25 members, whichever is higher but eligible to contest and vote on the date of signing the requisition, can requisition a meeting to transact a business of high importance and is of such nature which cannot await the next AGM. The General Secretary should issue the notice of the requisitioned meeting within a month of the date of the submission of the requisition even if consent of the President cannot be obtained. However, consent of the Patron is necessary. If the General Secretary fails to call the requisitioned meeting 25% of the requisitionist may issue the notice of the meeting with the prior approval of the Patron. Notice may be given, at least 15 days prior to meeting in a manner as provided in 2(a)(i) above. This meeting will not be able to transact any business in the absence of Quorum.
Rules of Meetings:-
Notice of the general Body Meetings will be given as required above.
Place of Meetings:-
All General Body Meetings, including AGM shall be held at the College premises in the presence of the
Staff Advisor and / or the Patron or their representative.
The quorum of all types of General Body Meeting shall be 1/10th one-tenth of the total strength of the General Body Members of the Society. If the quorum is not complete, then the meeting shall be adjourned for one hour and in the adjourned meeting held after the said one hour, no quorum would be compulsory. Any decisions taken in the said adjourned meeting irrespective of required strength or quorum shall be conclusive and binding. This rule of adjourned meeting because of lack of Quorum will not be applicable to the Requisitioned meeting. The quorum will be subject to revision from time to time by the General Body.
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  • December 29th, 2013 - 1st alumni meet cum dinner party (December 29th, 2013 - 1st alumni meet cum dinner after musical evening)
  • Alumni Association “CONSURSUM” was formed on November 2013 under the guidance of Dr. S.A. Siddiqui.
    December 21st, 2013 – 1st Alumni Meet cum Dinner after Musical Evening.
  • November 30th,2013 - 1st Society Formation Meet.
  • 1st Alumni Meet – December 29th, 2013
To provide a Forum for members of the Society for interaction.
To provide a Forum for members of the Society for interaction.
To inspire alumni to enhance the leadership of the Institute and stay connected
To achieve high degree of belongingness with the College and the Society
To foster a feeling of brotherhood and friendship and to promote the spirit of mutual helpfulness amongst the members of the Society.
To enrol the members from time to time and keep them abreast with the activities of the Society and the College.
To provide adequate avenues for drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of the alumni for furthering the cause of the College to attain an enviable position of distinction and influence in the academic, social and Business world.
To provide a focal point of contact among alumni to interact and network with each other
Principal of Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Eve.) College will be the Patron of the Society.

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